16 décembre 2008

bientôt Noël : on s'agite

Grande journée hier dans la petite maison : les jardiniers (6 hommes), l'électricien (un homme et sa meuleuse à béton), le plombier (deux hommes), tout ça en même temps. Rock'n roll. Entre deux ramassages de feuilles mortes et essuyages de nez qui coule, j'ai pu constater à la lumière du jour que si mes mosaïques de salle de bains sont alignées, on ne sait pas sur quoi (les cours de la bourse ??!??) Aucun des gars sur le chantier n'étant responsable, j'ai même pas pu passer quelqu'un par le velux. Aujourd'hui, miracle,... [Lire la suite]
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09 décembre 2008

thanks and yes, a sock!

First of all, I have been touched and I am thankful for the kind comments and pieces of advice I received after my last post. Yes, I will organise my Christmas break around long, decadent hot chocolate bubbling baths, sipping gluwine. That's totally 'up my alley' :) But - can one actually knit while soaking ? Big question. Also, I feel I need to say a bit more. Since two years, I suffer from Degenerative Vitreous Syndrom - sometimes referred to as 'Eye floaters', a misleading term if ever one was. Average eye floaters, we almost... [Lire la suite]
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07 décembre 2008

all right, whining

Long time no hear, right ? Well, I have not been very pleased with life lately, nor very pleased with myself. I'm tired, I have physical ailments, I'm struggling with depression, and all I want to do is whining really. It doesn't help much that it is winter and night falls at 4:30 pm, that our world is finally crushed by its own greediness and that the plumber is three weeks late with his works on the heating system (you don't say). Not that I really care, actually. I am beyond caring for anything - all I want to do is being dead... [Lire la suite]
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